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Newlife ™ Eco-Innovation Library: esercizi di creatività
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A year after its launch at Expofil, Filature Miroglio, maker of the Newlife 100% recyled polyester yarn platform, will be part of Première Vision (Paris 14-16 February 2012) the leading international textiles show held twice a year in Paris. Filature

Miroglio will be at the key event with its own brand new dedicated space, the Newlife ™ Eco-Innovation Library. This important and innovative project has been possible thanks

to Premiere Vision's organizers broad vision and forward-thinking approach to responsible and innovative fashion. In just a year, Newlife has grown from an ambitious product platform to a commercial reality that is leading the way in sustainable innovation for the textile yarn industries. The Newlife Eco-Innovation Library presented by Filature Miroglio will showcase real, best-practice examples in creativity, innovation and commercial viability textiles created with Newlife™ in its first year by its international partners such as BOSELLI E. & C. S.p.a , GRUPPO CINQUE S.r.l, SERATES S.r.l, TESSITURA CORTI S.r.l,, TESSITURA VIRGILIO TAIANA S.p.a, TESSITURA ORESTE MARIANI, FRIZZA, IPEKER.

On top of this exclusive , innovative and commercial offer, Filature Miroglio will be also showcasing a Newlife™ fabric capsule collection developed under the coordination of its product development centre, in order to show and highlight the design and performance potential of Newlife™ portfolio .

Filature Miroglio will also be present at Expofil with its complete collection of yarns and textiles at the booth nr. 5E1hall 5 “Showcasing our Newlife™ Eco-Innovation library at Première Vision is both a demonstration of Newlife’s success as a commercially viable product and a sustainable business philosophy and a testament to the forward vision of those brands and manufacturers that have adopted Newlife™. ” says Dr. Cochis , Filature Miroglio CEO “The Newlife Eco-Innovation library will present a selection of the fabrics that have adopted Newlife and demonstrates that it is not possible today to imagine a competitivetextile industry that isn’t innovative, sustainable and commercially viable.”

Newlife has also received attention from major fashion brands and retailers that are seeking innovative, high performance materials to spearhead the way into sustainable - environmentally and commercially - business practices.

Newlife™ is a unique, certified yarn platform engineered from 100% post-consumer bottles sourced, processed and spun into yarn exclusively made in Italy in a mechanical process, not a chemical one. Newlife™ process is the first of its kind as it boasts a unique supply chain approach and offers an extensively high-caliber portfolio including fashion, sportswear, underwear, technical, work wear and furnishing textile. Newlife™ also offers a full branding and communication package for its partners. Newlife™ is a completely recycled polyester yarn system that offers a wide range of applications and powerful performance options. Newlife™ is a technologically innovative platform that uses well established know-how coupled with a strong research mission and a system-wide proprietary process. The Newlife™ platform products are 100% made in Italy, developed and produced to stand out for design, high performance, high quality and total respect for the environment.

About Newlife™

Newlife™ is the product of an ambitious project developed by Filature Miroglio, it is a unique, complete and certified system of recycled polyester filament yarns coming 100% from postconsumer bottles sourced, processed into a polymer through a mechanical, not chemical, process and spun into yarn entirely in Italy, thanks to an exclusive horizontal partnership agreement. The consolidated know-how of Filature Miroglio combined with its ceaseless research towards innovation and the complete and patented process behind this 100% Made in Italy project, make Newlife™ an incredibly flexible platform. A vast number of end uses and high performance yarns with levels of quality equal to virgin polyester equivalents are possible, demonstrating the added benefit of considerable resource and cost savings for the environment. End uses include: fashion, sportswear, underwear, technical clothing, workwear, medical garments, outdoor clothes, furnishings, accident prevention textiles.


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