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Neomateriali a Premiere Vision il 19 settembre ore 14
Posted by Redazione Blumine on 07/09/2017 - 0 commenti - view count: 1588

Circular Economy: “Rethinking the materials of Fashion, a “Neo-Perspective”

How traditional and new materials can contribute to make fashion sustainable


Marco Ricchetti, editor of the book “Neo-Materials in Circular economy: Fashion” and Marco Moro, publishing coordinator of Edizioni Ambiente will talk about successful stories of companies that adopted a new thinking, inspired by sustainability and a circular vision, in the selection and processing of  materials.

Materials are back in the spotlight, as a pillar of the sustainability revolution, on the other hand they are the basis for designers to express their creativity which is still the main engine of fashion.

Creativity can hardly be traded for sustainability in the fashion business, that values “the beautiful before the good”, on the other hand, the current state of resources exhaustion and release of harmful chemicals in the environment calls for a change of perspective here and now. Solutions are however at hand, the successful practices presented in the conference will tell us about feasible directions.

Three host will join the conversarion:

·         Alfonso Saibene Canepa (Supply Chain and Sustainability Director, Canepa Group)

·         Andrea Crespi (CEO, Eurojersey)

·         Adidas (TBC)

The conference will be chaired by Giusy Bettoni (C.L.A.S.S and PV consultant)

Premiere Vision, Paris, Smart Square hall n. 3

Posted by Redazione Blumine on 07/09/2017
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