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Shades of green at Milano Unica S/S 2014
Posted by Redazione Blumine on 02/02/2013 - 0 commenti - view count: 7111

Buyers, designers and journalists attending the XVIth edition of Milano Unica will discover a breath of fresh air especially appealing to those who understand the consumers’ new sensitiveness to sustainability issues. - an online social network of textile and fashion professionals actively promoting sustainability in the fashion business- has invited a selected group of exhibiting companies to participate in a “Catalogue of Sustainable Fabrics and Accessories”. The catalogue will be available to Milano Unica visitors and delivered to the 2.500+ readers of the newsletter.

The project, supported by Milano Unica, is breaking new ground for the Italian textile community and represents a roll-out, fine-tuning step to test market reactions that will be further developed at next editions of Milano Unica.

"The Catalogue designed and created by Sustainability-lab with the support of Milano Unica - said Massimo Mosiello, Managing Director of Milano Unica- does not cover completely the supply of sustainable fabrics and accessories showcased at Milano Unica yet. It is however a first positive test that allowed us to check “hands on” companies’ sensitiveness about sustainability and to better understand the narrative of the companies’ strategies for sustainability. We are committed to ban greenwashing practices and to value actual engagement in sustainability . This first group of companies presented in the “Catalogue” has cooperated with Sustainability-lab in developing an effective and meaningful language to frame in a concise but clear way companies’ commitment to sustainable practices. "

The “Catalogue” openly declares the parameters used in the evaluation and sustainable practices are summarized through easy-to-read icons in companies’ data sheets. Companies showcased in the Catalogue are: 3CCompany SRL, Berbrand SRL, Besani SRL, Bottonificio Padano SPA, Canepa SPA, Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi SPA, Lanificio Zignone SPA, Olmetex SPA, Pontetorto SPA, Timavo &  Tivene SPA.

"The first step of the project - said Sustainability-lab project manager - led us to meet companies seriously committed to reducing environmental impact, to develop measures of social engagement, to use eco-friendly, renewable or recycled materials. Our commitment is to widen the scope of the “Catalogue”, starting from next Milano Unica edition in September, in order to encompass a wider range of sustainable fabrics and accessories. A special thanks goes to Milano Unica who has supported us in this project and to the sponsors who trusted in this groundbreaking experiment. "

It is more than a “Catalogue of sustainable fabrics and accessories”, it is the proof Italian textile companies keep on leading the industry, mixing quality, style, “sense of beautiful” and a commitment for a better planet.

Posted by Redazione Blumine on 02/02/2013
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