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TINTEX awarded prestigious ‘IAPMEI’ innovation accolade for 2019
By: giusy bettoni Date: 13/06/2019 11:39 Updated: 13/06/2019 11:39 Reply

TINTEX is this year recipient of the unique and prestigious annual recognition from The “Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e à Inovação” (IAPMEI). TINTEX has been selected in recognition of its pioneering, Naturally Advanced global leadership, and the company’s superior and responsible fabric making for a fashion system that is driven by investments, transparency and fully traceable innovation.

TINTEX  opened its doors as the Naturally Advanced centre of excellence in the latest IAPMEI OPEN DAY for textile leaders, protagonists, media and customers to experience, understand and enjoy the unique achievements TINTEX offers to the contemporary Portuguese textiles industry .

“We selected TINTEX to underline the importance of taking advantage of digitization and modernization at different levels in the textile industry being stunned by their commitment, shedding light on our territory’s most advanced and responsible processes and skills” José Marques dos Santos, president of IAPMEI.

This TINTEX and IAPMEI OPEN DAY, on the 17th April 2019, is a government led initiative from the Ministry for the Economy awarded to recognize, assist, support and communicate about the company’s unique achievements in responsible innovation and Naturally Advanced concept.

During the OPEN DAY, TINTEX CEO Mário Jorge Silva will welcome some 300 selected guests from the Portuguese textile industry, the international trade media and key brands, and will  share latest updates about 2   relevant projects , each the unique result from its years of responsible research and innovations developments, and its expertly controlled processing, advanced dyeing and finishing solutions.

Also, invitees will be guided by the TINTEX team to discover the factory, the hub of its manufacture, the place where “magic happens”, where a wide range of natural based, smart materials are created in a responsible, fully transparent way.

In a fast moving globalized market, all companies must be able to adapt quickly and using innovation, creativity, and responsibility can help deliver successes. And here TINTEX can network between Technological Centers, Universities, and Knowledge Centers, as a strategic business and holistic imperative. And so sharing the Naturally Advanced strategy of TINTEX as a driver for change, IAPMEI recognizes this TINTEX OPEN DAY as a demonstration of practical market potential, and has partnered with CENTI  (Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials the Institute for New Technologies) and CITEVE (an institution of national and international reference for the promotion of Innovation and Technological Development) as a way to guarantee this success.

Being able to drive material innovation, and to promote a new generation of sustainable values to contemporary fashion, active, sports and lingerie markets through responsible supply chains can be transformative for our future fashion systems, and TINTEX is proud to be selected as part of the Make Fashion Circular initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, helping  to better activate these changes across the fashion industry for all to enjoy.


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