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Preface by Claudio Marenzi

Creativity and quality of materials. Fashion sensible matches by Marco Ricchetti

Making more sustainable fibre choices The MADE-BY environmental benchmark by Christina Raab, Hannah Fell, Chiara Ferrero (MADE-BY)

1. Non-Renewables

Non-renewable raw materials: synthetic fibres and metals by Aurora Magni, Marco Ricchetti

Polyamide RadiciGroup and the future of synthetic fibres – Aurora Magni

Polypropylene Maglificio Ripa experimentation – Aurora Magni

Fashionable metals The Lampo eco-friendly zip fasteners by Giovanni Lanfranchi – Aurora Magni

Elastomeric Fibers Comfort and sustainability in Eurojersey Sensitive® Fabrics – Maria Chiara Laurenti

2. Renewables

Textile fibres from renewable sources

by Aurora Magni, Marco Ricchetti

Kitotex® Sustainability through innovation by Canepa Group – Marco Ricchetti

Paper sensations Food waste: an ingredient of Favini quality packaging paper for the fashion industry – Sergio Ferraris

Silk Taroni Spa fabrics: high quality and slow fashion – Marco Ricchetti,

Labels and price tags Low-impact materials, high-impact information. Dienpi case history – Aurora Magni

A sustainable cotton supply chain Olcese, spinning; FelliColor dyeing and finishing, Besani kint weaving – AM

3. Recycling

Reusing and recycling, waste and leftover management by Marco Ricchetti

Recycling and reuse of technical textiles Products as a service, multiple lives for technical textiles and fashion designer training in Servizi Ospedalieri case history – Sergio Ferraris

Regenerated wool 3C Filati and the tradition of the Prato industrial district – Aurora Magni

4. Water and chemicals

Water, dyestuff and other auxiliary chemicals by Aurora Magni, Marco Ricchetti

Water purification and recovery, from waste to resource

Europrogetti applications – Aurora Magni

Interview with Giuseppe Ungherese

Project manager of Greenpeace Italy Toxic campaign –

5. End use

Sustainability, big brands and niche brands by Marco Ricchetti

Up and Coming and Niche Brands The quest for a new business model – Marco Ricchetti, Alberto Saccavini

A new scenario for the leading fashion brands – Marco Ricchetti, Fabio Guenza

Interview with Anna Maria Rugarli Senior Director, Sustainability & Responsibility, EMEA

VF International SAGL –

Interview with Laura Strambi –



The authors

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