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The heart of the Catalogue are the data sheets, one per each company – all can be commented online in the discussion group

To reach this result all candidate companies gave a series of information through a form especially designed by the sustainability-lab team.

Starting form the team persona experience, the bibliography and the different certification systems and criteria on sustainability, the team elaborated a series of questions to answer the main issues concerning sustainability for the textile and accessories companies in production and management. In evaluating, for example, the different fibres sustainability level it has been used as a starting point the Environmental Benchmark for fibres created by Made-By, a Dutch NGO lunched in 2004 as a direct response to the consumer concern about social and environmental issues linked to the fashion industry

The sustainability-lab team did not want to certify the information received. The companies took responsibility over their declarations offering appropriate documentation if requested.

Each company declared not to be in situations that might undermine their credibility, and to be:

  • in compliance with their tax obligations and insurance and with all laws concerning accident prevention and hygiene in the workplace;
  • not incurred in sanctions, penalties or controversies in adherence with the art. 2428 of the Codice Civile concerning deaths and serious accidents at work, occupational diseases and causes of modding, environmental damage for which it has been assumed a corporate responsibility.

The information received have all been evaluated by an Evaluation Committee and translated into user friendly sheets for immediate access by the textile and fashion world experts.

Each company and product sustainability characteristic is represented by a specific graphic symbol. Their meaning is intuitive but can be deepen in the Glossary (click on the image to go to the related article)

In the data sheet are listed all certification the company have at both product and company level, and all sustainable raw material used.


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